Muchacha en una ventana (Salvador Dalí 1925)

sábado, 11 de diciembre de 2010


From the onset of the Old Age, when it was liquidated the Prehistory to make way for the Story, which emerged and developed the first civilizations and urban life began, appearing early organized religions and political power, through the Middle Ages, the Modern Age and the few days spent in the Contemporary Age (221 years between the French Revolution of 1789 to the present), the human species has passed through many and varied vicissitudes, of every kind and condition; from large events that have marked milestones in the annals of our history and have shown extraordinary progress in our civilization, to major catastrophes, not infrequently caused by man, which have generated panic and pain, and have  lead to death and despair to millions people.  Difficulties, misfortunes and tragedies, have always been fellow travelers on the difficult path of life, and the efforts, sacrifices and renunciations, willingly or by force, were necessary to overcome it, is the price required to achieve and ensure the continuity of our species.  In our time, some old problems still present and valid, others have moved out of form or substance, and the strong and rapid social changes that have occurred recently have led to the emergence or resurgence of others, but what has not experienced no change, is the imperative need to overcome. We risk our lives in this

The great technological development that humanity has experienced in all fields, with particular reference to the techniques of information and communication, and the consequent globalization of the economy, has placed the modern man facing new challenges and opportunities that, despite enjoy a theoretical greater knowledge and higher  media, has not always managed wisely. Moreover, the present consumer society, which drives the compulsive spending an increasing demand for goods and services, creating new needs and demanding high availability of financial resources to achieve them, has led to the emergence of a new style of life characterized by the worship of money, with all the added risks that this practice entails. The recent crises in the international financial system that, shaking the most solid pillars and causing general panic in all sectors, have dragged the economy into a critical situation, which will cost blood, toil, tears and sweat out (borrowing the W. Churchill words uttered in 1940 in the House of Commons), are just a consequence of the above.

     Despite the great concern of most public and private organizations, as well as much of the independent citizens, is focused on economic issues, the reality is that this crisis is not monographic but multiple.  Among others that could be mentioned, linked, related or induced by the unbridled lust for power, wealth and social position, who are suffering the younger generation, I think that deserves  special attention the one that affects human values, perverted by the  pernicious doctrines that are taught and driven by the bad examples that are being transmitted.  The most immediate impacts are reflected in the disturbance of the natural order of human beings and the relationship with their social environment. The greed to achieve and maintain a high standard of living and worship to the material things above all else, is degrading the most basic fundamental principles and leading our civilization into an abyss from which it will not be easy getting out.

The moral values, beyond customs, ideologies, time and space, which can be considered as essential for the normal functioning of a balanced society, such as respect, honesty, loyalty, tolerance, responsibility and solidarity, are parameters that allow us to judge the human qualities of the people from the point of view of their actions. Are principles of behavior that emerge and develop into the person primarily within the family, infused by the influence of its members and passed from generation to generation.  If the family fails, as is clearly happening, these will degrade in geometric progression until reaching the highest levels of misery.  Since each person has only the value of their moral values, and the society have the value of the people who compose it, it not seems that the story we are writing now will have a high regard in the future. Mistakes made by some, and passivity, if not complacency, of others, will leave a very high bill for future generations.  When our species has already lost all the values that characterize it, it becomes something else, but not human.

   Without placing it in extreme positions or pessimistic, simply recognizing the reality, without reservation or cynicism, we must admit that society is moving away, increasingly, the most basic moral values, avoiding the exercise of introspection to avoid conflicts of conscience , undermining and denigrating deeply, thus, human relations. The causes which, independently or in combination, generate or feed this deterioration process are manifold: the lack of an education system, truly connected to the real needs of citizens, to provide complete and adequate training, without prejudgements or indoctrination of any kind;  the virtual absence of education in the family, which should act as an essential complement to the previous;  the negative influence of certain media; the unbridled selfishness;  the extreme  individualism; the growing materialism; economic  pressures;  poverty, etc., are among the main.  The   consequences, sensitives in all areas, truly devastating: the disintegration of the family, shaken by internal conflicts and the introduction of models that violate the natural order of species, where the children, relegated to the background, are the main losers;  the violence that has been generated within the couple and that transcends to children from an early age, creating a vicious circle difficult to eradicate; the loss of the culture of work, sacrifice and effort, necessary and essential to economic and social development of any country; the lack of respect for life and human dignity, with particularly dramatic expression in the legalization of abortion, condemn shamelessly the most  innocent human being, as is the conceived and unborn;  the misunderstood freedom leading to numerous confrontations of various kinds and consequences;  the corruption in all its aspects and forms; the advancement in the destructive action of drugs, etc., and all opposites who want to put above fundamental values previously related, are serious enough to make us react.

Is clear that any evolutionary process implies, in itself, the need for change, and that they need some time to be made naturally, without trauma or rupture, for the affected group. Moreover, it is also true that any change is looking for a profit, knowing also that it also involves risk. Important, so that the adventure does not lead to failure, is able to draw benefit the most from the controlling and minimizing risk.  Moved this to the society in which we live, where we are at once actors and spectators, everything becomes more complex and delicate. Our ability to adapt is overwhelmed by the rapid changes occurring in our environment, and the continuing dynamic that surrounds us prevents us from taking a break to reflect on what is happening around us. Thus, acting as firefighters, only we just go putting patches to muddle through the most immediately, losing the opportunity to identify the most important and transcendent. It's like us to spend our time in repairing the facade and the roof of a building, not realizing what is undermining its foundations. When we start to hear the first cracks and see the first fissures in the walls, we will realize the mistake, but then, we will not arrive on time.

     In short, and as a corollary, not that we are already in the Apocalypse, but if we do not put all our attention on solving this particular problem and undertake, without delay, the task of rehabilitation of our moral values, we can get through it. Today by today, that, unfortunately, the life is founded on so few values​​, is when we need to recover these , maybe this is just a pipe dream, but, in any case, depends only on us.

C. Díaz Fdez
Oviedo, december 11, 2010